1. Application must be submitted in English.
2. Proper capitalization of all names, addresses, etc. is required.
3. Your company name must be spelled correctly. You may not create a name in all caps or include URLs, copyrighted or trademarked brands, company names belonging to others, vulgar or profane wording, or excessive special characters (such as @, #, *, etc.) and punctuation.
4. Bolded items are required.

Verification Documents

For account verification, we require two forms of identification:
1. A copy of applicant's valid driver's license (or other photo ID, passport, Voters Card, etc.)
2. A copy of a phone bill, other utility bill, or a bank statement displaying applicant's name and address

At least one of these documents must be in your company name as indicated below.

Scan and upload now (accepted file formats: .GIF, .JPG or .PNG under 5MB in size per document).

TIP: You can use the camera in your smartphone to take photos of these documents. Just make sure they are clear and readable. Having trouble uploading your documents? Submit a mail at:



Public Information

Customers will be referred to this information. MAKE CERTAIN this information is complete, accurate and uses proper upper and lower capitalization! Do not use ALL CAPS.

  1. Your company Name:
  2. Phone Number:
  3. Email:
  4. Website (URL) where you currently sell your product(s):
  5. Address:
  6. City:
  7. State:
Private Information

For MLM Deals use only

  1. Applicant's First Name:
  2. Applicant's Last Name:
  3. Applicant's Position at Company (e.g. owner, president, CEO):
  4. Applicant's Phone Number:
  5. Applicant's Email:
  6. Do you have a physical store? YesNo
Product Information
  1. Approximately how many products do you plan to offer? :
  2. Describe Your Product(s) (150 characters max.) Example: Hand-crafted, custom-designed jewelry:
  3. Where/how are you currently selling this product(s)?
  4. Primary Product Source:
  5. Your Chosen ECA Package (Check above):
Account Information
  1. Enter Royale Business Club ID (For members of Royale Nigeria Blazing Team).

    Please note that Royale Starter Package covers ECA Associates, Royale Business Package covers ECA Retailers and Royale Elite Package covers ECA Vendor.
  2. Name to use for your "Deal Store" and/or "Vendor Shop" Website domain:

    Important: Use only letters and/or numbers. Spaces and special characters are invalid. Domain names must be between 3 and 15 characters in length.
  3. Upload ID card:
  4. Upload Address verification:
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